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A list of companies, industrial foundations, and other ventures that I am involved in outside my office at Copenhagen Business School.

The Board Association is referred to in the founding document as 'an association for the development of board work in Denmark', and over the years the association has further developed a close dialogue with the business community and the academic environment. The association particularly promotes its mission through conferences, board education, and knowledge-sharing events.


Forgotten Nature’s purpose is to find, protect and communicate about unkown flora & fauna that only few people know and care about. Species and places that maybe don’t have the same the looks or cuteness factor as better known species. But species that still play an important role for the world’s biodiversity.


Boardmeter is the leading digital tool for board evaluations. We specialize in evaluating boards for small and medium-sized Danish companies, public organizations, and foundations. We offer research-supported, sector-specific board evaluations according to best practices in corporate governance


CBS Board Education Programs are at the forefront of the development of board work as a discipline. With a focus on value-creating board work, a 360-degree perspective is applied to the board's field of work, issues, management tasks, and processes. Participants are inspired and challenged by professors and leading board authorities in case discussions about the board's most important tasks, decisions, and dilemmas. Participants sharpen their skills and knowledge about the board's role, tools for the overall management of companies, and training in the crucial interplay in the board and with the executive team.

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